28 May 2011

The red beetle

The red beetle
The classic volkswagen beetle with luggage on the roof top in Helsinki, Finland.

I took a photoshop workshop yesterday and was knocked out by the fact that almost every single adjustment was done in a different way to what I have used to. So, I though I give it a try, took me 3 hours to work on this photo. Go figure.

17 May 2011

First row seats

First row seats
Two men climbed on the topf of the market hall to watch the team Finland ice hockey Wolrd championship celebrations held in the Helsinki market square.

16 May 2011

Finns win (finally)

The Finns celebrating on Helsinki streets after winning the 2011 Ice hockey championship world title over Sweden with goals 6-1. This is the 2nd world title for the Finnish team the last being in 1995. Tens of thousands of people gathered on downtown Helsinki for a spontaneous overnight party to celebrate the victory.

Finn win (finally) pt 1

Finn win (finally) pt 2


Finn win (finally) pt 4

Finn win (finally) pt 5

Finn win (finally) pt 6

Finn win (finally) pt 7

Finn win (finally) pt 8

Finn win (finally) pt 9

Finn win (finally) pt 10


Finn win (finally) pt 12a>

11 May 2011

Anyhow Stories pt 3 - Narrative photo essay

Anyhow Stories, pt 3
Anyhow Stories is a collaborative photography project between a writer and a photographer.
The Writer creates a story and reveals it to the photographer by describing one image at a time. The Photographer shoots the image and submits it back to the writer. The style and the content of the photographer’s images possibly alter the story line from the original. The final narrative will be a morphosis of the text and the photograph. The story is being published at http://anyhowstories.tumblr.com/